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Australia Remembers - Wartime Nurses

For over 100 years Australia’s military nurses have been risking their own lives to save the lives of others. From nursing Gallipoli wounded in Egypt during World War I, to treating injured troops and civilians in modern-day Afghanistan, with skill, devotion, and compassion these courageous nurses have cared for the casualties of war.

It's Time All Possums Went To Bed

I’m so excited to introduce my latest picture book which is gorgeously illustrated by Gavin Scott and published by the wonderful team at Affirm Press. This story was inspired many years ago by my youngest daughter’s avoiding bedtime antics and will be relatable to any parent or care giver … and their little possums.


Mummy says it’s time for bed, but Milly has other ideas! She’s a possum nibbling juicy grapes and pears. She’s a bilby digging outdoors, an echidna wiggling on the ground, an emu pecking at seeds, and a kangaroo bouncing around. But even animals have to go to bed sometime …


It’s Time All Possums Went to Bed is a playful and loving ode to bedtime routines, featuring upbeat rhyme from Jacqui Halpin and gorgeous art from Gavin Scott.


It’s Time All Possums Went To Bed will be on the shelves of all good bookstores from 29 March 2022, or you can purchase online > here.


Where's Lucky?

This delightful story based on Lucky, a rascally little swamp wallaby at Our Haven Wildlife Shelter, is available now for pre-order from publishers Little Pink Dog Books.

Lucky, the orphaned swamp wallaby, has a knack for getting into mischief. While Theresa and Tony care for him, and their mob of other joeys, Lucky gets into lots of places he should not be.

Where will they find Lucky next?

An amusing tale about the delights and difficulties of caring for orphaned joeys.

Please click here for a story reading of Where’s Lucky? on Ch 9Go, followed by craft activities.

A percentage of the income for this book will be donated to Our Haven Wildlife Shelter in Victoria, Australia who were the inspiration for this story. 

Parmesan, the Reluctant Racehorse

Available now at all good bookstores, online, or through Little Pink Dog Books.

Parmesan, the racehorse, thinks he’s a dog. Instead of training with other horses, he’s off with his doggy friends doing doggy things. Will he still be ready to run in the Spring Carnival?

A humorous light-hearted tale that celebrates the joy of being yourself and running your own race.

‘the story is funny and sweet and memorable, and deals with themes of friendship and running your own race in life.’

Kellie Byrnes

Freelance Writer and Children's Author