Great Aussie Stories for Great Aussie Kids

Where’s Lucky? 

This delightful story based on Lucky, a rascally little swamp wallaby at Our Haven Wildlife Shelter, is available now for pre-order from publishers Little Pink Dog Books.

Lucky, the orphaned swamp wallaby, has a knack for getting into mischief. While Theresa and Tony care for him, and their mob of other joeys, Lucky gets into lots of places he should not be.

Where will they find Lucky next?

An amusing tale about the delights and difficulties of caring for orphaned joeys.

A percentage of the income from this book will be donated to Our Haven Wildlife Shelter.

Parmesan, the Reluctant Racehorse

Available now at all good bookstores, online, or through Little Pink Dog Books.

Parmesan, the racehorse, thinks he’s a dog. Instead of training with other horses, he’s off with his doggy friends doing doggy things. Will he still be ready to run in the Spring Carnival?

A humorous light-hearted tale that celebrates the joy of being yourself and running your own race.

Jacqui Halpin – Children’s Author

Jacqui Halpin grew up in Brisbane, Australia, and still lives there with her husband, one of her three adult children and an anti-social cat called Loki.

Her passion for children’s literature started when reading bedtime stories to her children. They outgrew their childhood books but Jacqui never did. In fact, she was determined to write her own.

Jacqui writes junior fiction, picture books, and short stories (for adults and children). Her first picture book, Parmesan, the Reluctant Racehorse, illustrated by John Phillips, was published in October 2017 by Little Pink Dog Books. Jacqui’s next picture book, Where’s Lucky?, illustrated by Sandra Severgnini, will be published by Little Pink Dog Books in April 2019.

Jacqui has also co-written her father’s memoir A Long Way from Misery as she believes it’s important to record the experiences and tales of Australia’s older generations before they are lost. And because he had a story worth telling!

She has combined her love of children’s books and her desire to preserve Australia’s social history, and is currently writing a series of historical boys’ own adventure stories inspired by her father’s childhood escapades on a farm called Misery.

Jacqui loves to engage children in her storytime sessions. She is excited to share her joyous enthusiasm for reading and writing with children of all ages. To make a booking for Jacqui to visit your school, kindy, or library, please get in touch through her contact page, or contact Greenleaf Press Talent Team.

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